Weapon Fusion

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Where can I find the Weapon fusion Npc?


You can find the NPC near the Food NPC or Card Master, it's near the place where you could change your job in the past.

Note: Marked with a red dot on the map.

Two Handed Weapon Fusion


The first box will be the weapon you want to keep and be fused with another weapon.

The second box will be the weapon you sacrifice for the fusion to gain awakenings & piercings. Attack boost can only be added if the weapon is +10 ~ +20

The third box is for an Entropia Chip item called "Magic Grindstone" if you do not want to take the risk of sacrificing the second weapon which will be destroyed when it fails.

Note: This item will make sure that the second weapon is not destroyed and can be used again for a new try!

Note: You can Fuse all 2 Handed Weapons, but Entropia Weapons only with Entropia Weapons (Shiny Stick (Main) with Entropia Stick (Fusion) Works!)

Once proceed, 2 things can happen.

1. Failed. Weapon is destroyed. (Not when you use the Magic Grindstone)

2. Success!

Cancel a Fusion


This option is quite simple. If you have a fused weapon and you want to place another weapon with better awakenings/piercing, then this option allows you to remove the second weapon you placed in it once so that you make place for another.

Note: Keep in mind that by doing this, you will lose the second weapon and there is no way to retrieve it. So be sure if you are willing to place in another weapon.

Place the fused weapon in the box and click ok to delete the fused weapon. It will cost some Perin.