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Ultimate Entropia Items

How can I get Ultimate Entropia Items?

Ultimate Entropia Items can be pulled from the various Ultimate Entropia Treasures with a bit luck. The rate is not known and will not be announced publicly. You can put on some Ultimate Items only with Platinum 50. Every Ultimate Treasure is obtainable in the Donate Shop and Ingame, except the Ultimate Entropia Spirit Treasures (Donate), these are just obtainable ingame.

Also, you can't use the Ultimate Glyph and Ultimate Powerup at the same time as the Ancient Glyph and Ancient Powerup.

Treasure Item
Ultimate Entropia Spirit Treasure (Donate) Ultimate Spirit (Balloon)
Ultimate Entropia Treasure (Donate) Ultimate Cloak + Mask (Package)
Ultimate Entropia Fashion Treasure (Donate) Ultimate Entropia Fashion Bundle (Crafting)
Ultimate Entropia Darkness Treasure (Donate) Fairy of Darkness (Ultimate)
Ultimate Entropia Mystic Treasure (Donate) Ultimate Glyph
Ultimate Entropia Power Treasure (Donate) Ultimate Power-Up (Permanent)
Ingame Shop.png

Ultimate Glyph

Cannot be used with an Ancient Glyph at the same time!

Ultimate Glyph.png

Ultimate Powerup

Cannot be used with an Ancient Power-Up at the same time!

Ultimate Powerup.png

Ultimate Fairy

Ultimate Fairy.png

Ultimate Fashion

You need a Gaia Set to create an Ultimate Fashion Set. Read here:Gaia_Set_Extension

Ultimate Set.png

Ultimate Balloon

Ultimate Balloon.png

Ultimate Cloak + Mask

Ultimate Cloak+Mask.png

Omega Cloak + Mask

Omega Cloak+Mask.png

This is the extension of the Ultimate Cloak+Mask. This is only available by farming.

How can I make an Omega set and where can I get the stuff?

First you need to buy the recipe from the alchemy merchant (for example in Flaris center). The recipe will cost you 18 perin.


You can get the Black Dragon Soul Stones by recycling Black Dragon Cloaks ( Eden) You can use any Cloak for this.

You need to farm the runes in the following dungeons:





Kalgas Cave