Ultimate Fashion

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How to upgrade Gaia Fashion to the Ultimate Set

First of all you need a Gaia Fashion cs. (More Informations here: Gaia_Set_Extension ) If you have the Gaia Fashion CS, you have to get an Ultimate Entropia Fashion Bundle (Crafting) from an Ultimate Entropia Fashion Treasure or buy a Crafting Bundle from another player.


Now that you have everything you need for crafting, open the package and use the scroll. Then put the items inside the package as shown on the picture on the right and press the arrow.

What are the effects of a Ultimate Fashion Set?

The Ultimate Fashion set has the following Effects:

  • MP Rate +25%
  • HP Rate +35%
  • ATK +20%
  • PVE +25%
  • PVP +15%
  • All-Stat +85
  • Speed +75%

Will the upgrades and stones be removed from my Gaia?

No. The stones and upgrades stay on your Fashion.