Self Sustain Tank

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Self Sustain Tank

A Self Sustain Tank is a Tank, that does not need a Healer, because he got enough Damage and Suck Blood percent,
that he can keep up his HP by himself.

Most players are using this type of a Tank, because it's way easier, but it will cost a bit more Money.

We recommended a Templar or a Force Master as Self Sustain Tank.

Self Sustain Tank Guide

Here is a example for a Self Sustain Tank, of course you can always change it that way that you want.
Try to get to the recommended HP, then stack damage and use 2-3 Suck Blood Diamonds in your Weapon.

In this Example we use a Templar.

Fused Black Big Sword with:

  • Stamina Bonus as high as possible
  • 10 Stamina 22+ Awake Lines
  • 20 Land R Cards
  • 2x STA 12+ Diamonds
  • 3 Suckblood 12+ Diamonds

Behemoth's Shield with:

  • 10 Land R Cards
  • 5 Stamina 22+ Awake Lines

Full Black Gear +20 with:

  • Stamina Bonus Helmet with 5x Stamina 22+ Awake Lines+
  • Stamina Bonus Suit with 5x Stamina 19+ Awake Lines+
  • HP% Bonus Gauntlets
  • Critical Damage Bonus Boots with 5 Critical Damage Awake Lines
  • 4x Volcano 15% Cards


  • Aura Ruby Jewelry with 2% PvE Awakes
  • Blessed Magical Key of Blessing
  • Ultimate Fairy
  • Ultimate Cloak and Mask
  • Ancient Glyph
  • Ancient Balloon
  • Ancient Power-Up
  • Gaia Fashion with 3x 10 STA Awake Lines


  • P50 Pet with 5x 22+ Stamina Awake Lines
  • 25% PvE Pet with HP and Damage Beads

Note: With this equipment your are easily able to tank black and soulreaver dungeons.

Guide by @Hamza