Royal Equipment

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Royal Equipment


Unlike the other equipment, from Royal onwards there are two sets per class, one HP and one Damage Set,
the Royal Darkness Set is the Damage Set and the Royal Blood is the HP Set.

These Sets are dropable in the Endgame Dungeons called Destruction_Cavern and Azmore_Forest.
They are equipable with Royal Level 10.

You do not need any merges to equip the new Equipment, the keypoint in the new sets is the upgrading.

Royal Reroll

The new Royal Weapons & Set Parts can drop with up to three bonus values.
Two normal and one special bonus, which has higher values.

All New Bonus Values in the new system are matched to their job classes.
Note: For example a Slayer can't get a INT bonus on his helmet.

In Cardia, you can re-roll the bonus values of royal items, but this comes at a price.
Different materials from the Endgame dungeons (Destruction_Cavern and Azmore_Forest)
or reroll chests are required from the NPC with some currency.

Per. Item one has 10 reroll attempts, which however can be refilled with a scroll.

You can only re-roll the Special Bonus if you also have a Special Bonus on the item.
You can get the special bonus by dropping or by using the "All Lines Roll" function.


Royal Upgrading

There is a new System to upgrade your Royal Equipment.

You need to collect the necessary material and forge it on the weapon / set part.
The weapon / set part always receives a certain EXP amount, which varies depending on the upgrade level.

The EXP values from upgrading are displayed on the Royal Items!

The material for upgrading you can drop from the Cardia monsters.
From higher upgrade levels upgrade material from the dungeons is needed.