Quality of life changes

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Entropia has a lot of Quality of life changes.
This list will grant you an overview of the multiple systems and changes Entropia made to improve your day to day experience.


For every player the following items are always active:

  • Activition
  • Full Shout
  • Refresher Hold
  • Vital Drink X
  • Enhanced Party Skill Range
  • Scroll of Party EXP
  • Scroll of Party Skill
  • Common Bank



Brought from official Flyff the party grants you multiple bonuses for everyone.
The party skills Link Attack, Party Power, Fortune Circle and Gift Box basically double your damage and grants you with extra drops.
With those arguments mentioned: Always join a party!

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On Entropia playing together in guilds is rewarded with powerful Guild Buffs.

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Within Entropia a max couple level is highly recommended due to its incredible buffs.
The couple EXP got raised so you won't need long until you reach the max level.

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