PvE Balance

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PvE Balance

The Current Damage Meta:

1. Slayer
2. Harlequin
3. Mentalist
4. Force master
5. Crackshooter
6. Arcanist
7. Templar/Seraph


Slayer is the class with the highest 1v1 damage output, but why?

The Slayer has very bad AoE Damage, hes the class with the lowest HP,
and he got no support kit and very little farming potential.

All the Slayer has is its 1v1 damage, so he should be the best in it.
His hybrid build also taxes him in damage and pushes him down to a Harlequin tier DPS.

Thats why we put him in the front.


The Harlequin got the second highest 1v1 Damage, but why?

Just like the Slayer, the Harlequin does not have a good aoe or
a support kit, but he does not have bad HP.
He's good for soloing Low-Tier dungeons, because of his base hp. Harlequin also had little farming potential.

Because of his HP advantage he got slightly lower DPs then the Slayer.


The Mentalist got the third highest 1v1 Damage, but why?

The Mentalist got a decent AoE Damage a fine 1v1 Damage, but not more,
he got a low base hp and no support kit or else.

Because of his AoE advantage he got lower Damage then the Slayer and the Harlequin.

But remember that the Mentalist also got Debuffs for bosses, so he keeps up with the Harlequin.

Force Master

The Force Master got the fourth highest 1v1 Damage, but why?

The Force Master is the second best Tank Class, his base HP is insanely good,
his AoE is decent and his 1v1 Damage is also not bad
and he offers a debuff that copes with the minimal lack of damage.

He is a very good Hybrid overall, so his 1v1 Damage shouldn't be to high.


The Crackshooter got the fifth highest 1v1 Damage, but why?

The entropia Movement is very good for the Crackshooter,
cutting Attacks or shooting through walls is a perfect way to farm,
his base block chance and his AoE is also worth mentioning.

Because of this, we decided to lower his 1v1 DPs a bit, so he is not to strong.


The Arcanist got the sixth highest 1v1 Damage, but why?

Don't worry, even tho he does not have the best 1v1 Damage,
he got the best AoE Damage by far.

But it would be unfair to make him the 8. DPs class, because all the Arcanist have
is his AoE, so we decided to upgrade his Bubble Damage.


The Templar got the seventh highest 1v1 Damage, but why?

Obvious the Templar is by far the best Tank,
next to the highest HP, he also has the highest self sustain potential.
Furthermore he offers a pull skill that could be very useful in some dungeons.

And on pure damage EQ he can solo all the lower tier dungeons.


The Seraph got the seventh highest 1v1 Damage, but why?

Seraph is not a full supporter on Entropia.
But he got a perfect mix between every class, he is playable as 1v1,
he got a very good AoE Damage, a decent HP EQ and obvious he got a
support Kit, all in all, it's a allrounder.