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Premium Bundle

You can buy the Premium Bundle in the Donate Shop.

Following items are included:

  • Premium 30 Day
  • Special Pet (every month another)
  • Special Badge (every month another)

Premium are farmable ingame, next to buying them in the Donate Shop.

What effect does Premium membership have?

You get the following bonuses with the items "Premium (1/3/7/14/15/28/30 days)":

  • A golden colored character name.
  • The EXP and Droprate are increased by 50%.
  • Cooldown time of dungeons is reduced by 50%.
  • You get a few more dungeon entries for certain dungeons
  • Access to the Premium Exclusive Dungeon!
  • Weapon effects are raised slightly.
  • Cheaper awakenings with / awake.
  • The Bloodhunter is usable from platinum level 0. (without premium only possible from platinum level 20)
  • Pet for platinum level 50 is usable at level 0. (without premium only possible from platinum level 40)
  • Bonus Experience for Royal Levels

Premium Dungeon


With an active Premium membership you have the chance to run every day the Premium Dungeon once.

There you can farm Premium Coin and Gaia Ore, which can be exchanged for Fashion Sets, Pets and good items at the Premium Dungeon Exchanger, right in front of the dungeon entrance.