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Why join a party?

Brought from official Flyff the party grants you multiple bonuses for everyone.
Besides that the party skills Link Attack, Party Power, Fortune Circle and Gift Box basically double your damage and grants you with extra drops.
With those arguments mentioned: Always join a party!

How to use the Partyfinder?


You do not want to shout a year for a party?

No problem simply use our Partyfinder!

There you can see how many players are in the party and which skills are currently running.

The Partyfinder can be found if you click "L" on your Keyboard.

Quality of Life

To make parties more enjoyable those scrolls are automatically active for every player:

  • Enhanced Party Skill Range
  • Scroll of Party Skill
  • Scroll of Party EXP

In order to simplify parties even more the following scrolls can be obtained in the Donate Store:

  • caption Scroll of Party X (15 days)
    • As long as the party leader has activated this scroll, the party receives an unlimited number of party points and the party skills work as if the party were full!
  • caption Scroll of Party UP (15 days)
    • As long as the party leader has activated this scroll, all party members receive +25% more EXP and +0.10 Activity EXP.