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We changed the leveling system on our Server completely.

Our Server offers you the Normal Leveling Way and the Platinum Leveling Way.

Normal Leveling

With a new character you start leveling from Level 1 to Level 175 with a high EXP-rate that is similar to a Highrate Server.

Platinum Leveling

With a Scroll of Platinum Level-Up you can reset your Character's EXP from 99,99% EXP to 00,00% again and Level-Up your Platinum Levels!
For every Platinum Level you progress, you will be rewarded with awesome Item Rewards listed down below!
You can find all Scrolls in Flaris near "[Arena Manager] Lay" or by using the "Start > Features > Platin Exchanger"-Menu.

The EXP-Rate will shrink every Platinum Level.
We offer many EXP-Items which you can farm to Level-Up faster! A full list can be found in the Beginner Guide.

Platinum Level Rewards

Platinlevel Entropia Chip Rewards (each level)
5-10 3 Entropia Chip Perin
10-25 5 Entropia Chip Perin
25-30 7 Entropia Chip Perin
30-45 10 Entropia Chip Perin
45-50 15 Entropia Chip Perin
51+ 20 Entropia Chip Perin
Platinlevel Special Rewards
20 • Entropia Platin Jewelry
• 1x 3 Days Premium
• 2x Box of Upgrade (Event)
30 • Bloodhunter Stat-Pet (+150 All-Stats)
• 1x Premium 3 Days
• 2x Box of Upgrade (Event)
40 • Shiny Entropia Platin Jewelry
• 2x Box of Upgrade (Event)
50 • Platinum Pet Giftbox (+250 Allstats)
• 2x Box of Upgrade (Event)
• 2x 3 Days Premium
51+ • 2x Platin Reward Box (50+)
• 5x Platin Reward Box (50+) (every 10. level)

Royal Leveling


After you reached a minimum of Platinum Level 50 and achieved a Soulreaver Weapon you can slide into the next Levelcontent. You have to complete a questline to reach Royal Level 1, you can accept the quest at Franklin in Flaris.

After you completed the Questline, you level up to Royal Level 6 in Wasteland (Teleporter V). With level 6 you can port to Cardia Harbor, there are several quests for you. By completing these quests you will reach Royal Level 10.

The grind starts in the Amethyst Forest, you can level to Royal Level 15 there.

Royal Level Rewards

You get several Badges with Leveling Royal Level, the first one with Royal Level 1, next one with Royal Level 6, third at Royal Level 10 and the last at Royal Level 15.

Depending on the Royal Level, you will receive more Entropia Chip Perin, 10-20.

Furthermore you get 4 stats per Royal Level.

Royal EXP-Item List

Items Where to get?
Premium Donate Shop/Lucky Boxes etc.
Scroll of Party UP (15 Days) Donate Shop
Royal Amplification (R) Donate Shop
Cardia Feather (Royal EXP+50%) [Plant Expert] Eugene in Cardia Harbor
Berry of Experience [Plant Expert] Eugene in Cardia Harbor
Cardia Flower (Royal EXP+100%) [Plant Expert] Eugene in Cardia Harbor

Note: There will be Royal EXP events sometimes.