Guild Siege

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Who will win the race of the best guild this time to get the honored crown?

The Guild Siege

We have redesigned the Guild Siege for all Players!

Every Player with atleast 10 Points in the Guild Siege receives rewards!

You get Guild Siege Coins for every Kill, which can be exchanged for exclusive Guild Siege Items Like Sets, Badges, Pets or Models!

The Winner Guild Players receives a Buff which lasts until the next Guild Siege!

  • Effect: All Stats +30, PvE Damage +10%, Increased HP +10%

All others Player which participate in the Guild Siege receives also a buff!

  • Effect: All Stats +15, PvE Damage +5%, Increased HP +4%

The participats with the placement: 1, 2 or 3 receive a Guild Siege Treasure with some extra Coins and Guild Siege Tokens!

Every other Player will receive a participant treasure which cointains some Guild Coins!

The Guild Siege is taking place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 20:30 PM - UTC+2.

Battleground Siege

The Battleground Siege is taking place every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 20:30 PM - UTC+2.

You don't need any equipment for our Battleground System. You will get one from the server. You can also choose your class every round.


Your Inventory will be swapped for the duration of the battleground siege, you will get it back.

If you have models dressed on your character, they will be displayed visually while your in the battleground mode.

Every class got setted switches, if you created your taskbar once per class, it will stay for the next times.

There are special rewards for playing the battleground siege, to get these rewards you need to get at least 10 Points.
You get a decent amout of perins based on your points and a Guild Siege Treasure (Participant), if you reach Place 1 - 3,
you get a better Version of the Treasure.