Gaia Set Extension

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Gaia Set Extension


We have added a completely new Fashion set for every Class which is the extension to the black Fashion Set's.

This Set is farmable in the Gaia Forest .

You can find the npc in Flaris near the post office her name is Aoife.

Note: You need the Gaia Fashion to create your Ultimate Fashion.

Gaia Set Exchange

You need the following items to create a Gaia Set:

  • Gaia Dragon Stone (every black dragon fashion set + 5000 Perin)
  • Gaia Stone (of each jewelry dungeon 50 boss stones)
  • Venux Stone (of each Venux Quest item 5000)
  • Gaia Crystal of the Gods (50x Gaia Crystal, 15x King Heart, 15x Clockworks Rune, 20.000x Blood Orbs)

When you have farmed all items you can exchange everything at Aoife for a Gaia Fashion Set for your Class!

What are the effects of a Gaia Fashion Set?

A Gaia Fashion set has the following Effects:

  • MP Rate +17%
  • HP Rate +27%
  • ATK +15%
  • PVE +17%
  • PVP +10%
  • All-Stat +65
  • Speed +50%