Fashion Upgrade

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Athene (Guardian of the Gods of Madrigal) taught the blacksmiths in Flaris a new forging technique. This art allows the blacksmiths in Madrigal to upgrade your Fashion Equipment (CS) to +10 for you!

Upgrading requires special material from a different dimension. (Golem Temple)

  • The material is also available in the Vote Shop and Guild Siege Manager.
  • The Scroll of CProtect can also be purchased at [Cash Shop] Laura in Flaris. (Instead of farming)

On Upgrade-Level +4, +6, +8, +10 you can unlock jewel slots for your fashion parts! In these you can place stones, each of them will give you a random stat line.

With the Scroll of Gem Reversion you can remove the last used jewel and put a new jewel in your Fashion.

Note: If you merge a upgraded Gaia Fashion to a Ultimate Fashion, the upgrades will stay.

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