Fashion Combine

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Like all items (except jewelery) you can enchant your CS Set with /awake.

There you can enchant different stats, the most important are Str, Sta, Dex, Int, ADOCH and MP.

You should think about what enchant you need for your class before you start combining your CS Set.

These enchantments are rather small compared to the ones from your equipment, so you can combine them so that you have 3 enchantments on each CS part.

Information: You can combine any CS set with a Random NPC set so you don't need a second Dragon set for a Dragon CS set.

What do I need to combine my CS Set?

You should enchant 2 CS Sets with the desired stat.

Attention: It's recommended to combine set's first with a Dragon CS or higher.

We still need Scroll of Costume Protect, because combining can fail, in this case all CS parts are destroyed.

The Scroll of Costume Protect prevents this destruction and puts all parts back into the inventory.

You can buy them at Laura in Flaris with the "exchange" function.


Attention: We have to use the Scroll of Custume Protect before every attempt. You can find it at the top right of your Power-Up bar.


How do I combine my costume?

For combining we have to go to Flarine to Peach, there we will find the option.

If we click on this option, this window will open:


A: Is the CS set that you want to keep and not be destroyed under any circumstances.

B: Is the CS Set that will be destroyed to get a second enchantment on the CS Set on A.

Information: Combining can often fail and is a matter of luck.