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Will it be possible for you to call one magic Fairy your own?

Which benefit does an Fairy have?

Your Fairy will give you the following stats:

  • All-Stat +65
  • Increased HP +5%
  • Increased ATK +5%

If you're lucky and have an Ultimate Fairy, you get the following stats:

  • All-Stat +115
  • Increased HP +20%
  • Increased ATK +20%

How do I get an Fairy?


If you think it would be a good idea to take over the care for an Fairy, this is the way you get one.
Creating the Fairy is easy, you buy one of the recipes from [Master of Alchemy] Ruboru and double-click on it.
Now a small "window" appears, where it says "read", there you press it and your recipe will be read.

Note: This can take about 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

After a short while, a list of ingredients (mostly quest items) will appear that you need to collect.
These you can farm in Aminus and Cursed Aminus for Dungeon Chips or even Drop from the endboss.
If you have all the Items you have to find [Master of Alchemy] Ruboru and click on Alchemy , there you have to insert your recipe and press start.

After a while it is Finished and you have the Fairy in your inventory!

How do I feed my Fairy?

Now that you have a fairy, of course you have to feed it.
At the top of the PowerUp bar you will find the HP % number of your Fairy this shows how much life your Fairy still has before she starves to death.

If you are too lazy to feed your Fairy yourself you can buy Fairy - Food Bags from Vote Shop, Players or Donate Shop!
They'll feed your Fairy automatically.

My Fairy died, what now?

If your Fairy died, there's only one way to bring her back to life.
You have to buy a Fairy Resurrection Scroll from players or buy it yourself from the Donate Shop, but no fear it's quite cheap.