Ethral Garden

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"The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning."

Well then, let us begin again to get to the end.

Ethral Garden Information

  • What can I Drop?
    Ethral Stone's, Soulreaver Relic's, Soulreaver Relic Casket and Soulreaver Material Casket (Weapon)
  • Do I need a tank?
  • Do I need a healer?
    Yes, except you use Suckblood and can heal yourself.
  • How much HP do I need?
    ~3.700.000 HP.
  • Can I use Holys?
  • Can I use Remantis Lacotten?
  • How many Entries does Ethral Garden have?
    Without Premium 2 Entries / With Premium 3 Entries.

Dungeon Guide

Small Signpost:
Ethral Garden is actually simple you start at the blue dot and run to all yellow dots and kill the mid bosses there, then you have to run to the red dot and defeat the end boss there.


  • blue dot = entrance
  • yellow dot = Mid Boss
  • red dot = End Boss

Dungeon Map: