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Welcome to the complete equipment guide for Entropia
Disclaimer: This is not a strict path. You can vary the gearprogression based on how you want to play the game. This is meant to be a guide if you're seeking on where to improve your gear.

Stage 0: Starter

GearGuide T0.png

At the start of the game you will get some gear from the Beginner Box and while leveling.
You can buy more gear at the Merchants in any city. We would highly recommend to get your Kalgas Set early as it drastically improves your DPS.
To obtain the set you can just clear the monsters of the dungeon and buy the parts at the NPC.

Stage 1: Uhh Shiny!

GearGuide T1v2.png
  1. The Beginner Box grants you a temporary Dragon Cloak, Dragon Fashion Set and Entropia Weapon.
  2. Your first Perins should be spent into Shiny Entropia Gear (search the player markets or shout to buy them). If you feel brave enough try to run Les Britannia or Abyssal Cove to drop them yourself.
  3. While platin leveling you will gain more and more Entropia Chip Perins. From the first ones get yourself a Dragon Mask and Shiny Entropia Weapon/s
  4. Try to replace the temporary Dragon Cloak and Dragon Fashion Set before they run out
  5. Once you reach Platin 30 and Platin 40 you will get a Bloodhunter (+150 Stats) CS-Pet and a Shiny Entopia Accessory Set.

Stage 2: Getting Black

GearGuide T2 v2.png

Based on your playstyle you can choose between the following activities:

  • Dungeons: If you want to start grinding your first dungeons feel free to buy a Accessory Recipe at old Awake-Merchant in Flaris. Farm yourself the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Topaz Accessory Set based on your class to massively improve your damage!
  • Platinum Levels: If you love leveling feel free to level until platinum 50. You will be awarded with a +250-Stat-Pet, which makes the other activies more easy.
  • Bored of the platinum maps? No worries - You can start farming in Eden for either a Black Dragon Cloak or a Black Dragon Fashion Set. The monsters on this map will be strong if you try this step at first. If it takes too long try to come back to this step later.
  • Eden may also provide you with a smaller variant of the Ultimate Glyph, the Ancient Glyph. You can get the Recipe at the Alchemy NPC.
  • What? Another map?! You can also start farming in Venux for a Powerful Key or the Unicorn CS-Pet. The monsters on this map will be even a little stronger than Eden. Be aware: If you die in Venux you will loose every quest item that you got in your inventory! Alternatively to the Unicorn-CS-Pet there are Pets with the same sets like the Entropia Golem or a Stat-Pokemon.
  • Harder Dungeons: If you feel brave enough and already got a couple characters set up try the Magma Cave. You will drop yourself the first Black Shiny Entropia Set parts.

Stage 3: "Full Black"

GearGuide T3 v2.png

Based on your playstyle you can choose between the following activities:

  • Venux: Like the thrill of Venux? You can upgrade your Powerful Key to a Holy Key aswell as your Unicorn-CS-Pet to a Horse-CS-Pet. Alternatively to the Unicorn Upgrade you could also Upgrade your Entropia Golem or Entropia Pokemon Pet!
  • Another Map? You can start your Questing grind on Aurania to get yourself the next stage of accessory: The Aura Shiny Entropia Set.
  • Harder Dungeons: Now that you have your Black gear you can start to grind the Aurania Temple for your Black Shiny Entropia Weapon.

Stage 4: Enhance your utilities

GearGuide T4v2.png

To farm the higher dungeons with less worries it is suggested to buy yourself some of the Ultimate Entropia Items. There are certain items that are better than other Ultimate items. Check the stats inside the Entropia Item Wiki what suits you best. Be aware that you don't have to donate to get these items. Buy them from players. The prices may vary on demand and you surely will need longer than a donator, but it is possible to equip all your characters with Ultimate Items just from playing the game. Short checklist:

  • Ultimate Glyph
  • Ultimate Cloak & Mask - Those can be upgraded to the Omega Cloak & Mask by running lower tiered dungeons and completing an alchemy recipe from the alchemy NPC.
  • You can start farming the Gaia Dungeon to upgrade your Black Fashion Set to the Gaia Fashion Set. You need various items from all across Entropia and bring them to the Gaia NPC in Flaris.
  • A recipe for the Blessed Key can be obtained from events or from player shops. To upgrade the Holy Key you have to farm more Venux Quest items.

Stage 5: Reaching Soulreaver

GearGuide T5v2.png

As you get closer to the late game the grind gets more intense:

  • Try to obtain good Soulreaver Set parts from the Trigrem Ruins Dungeon to merge your Black Set into a Soulreaver Set. This step incredibly boosts your damage! Be aware that the Merge Scrolls are quite expensive so merging lower statted parts could cost you more perin in the end. You can find the Merge Scrolls in Trigrem.
  • To finish of your Ultimate items try to get your hands onto a Ultimate Fashion Set.

Stage 6: The Endgame

GearGuide T6v2.png

You're reaching the End now:

  • Merge your Black Weapon into a Soulreaver Weapon. In order to get Destroyed Weapons you have to run the Ethral Garden Dungeon and exchange the drops in Ethral.
  • Upgrade your accessory from the Aura Set to the Soulreaver Accessory Set. You can find materials for the upgrade inside the Deep Temple Dungeon.

You've reached the top.
There is nothing more to do in this game...
Or really?

Stage ?: The real Endgame

Once you've finished gearing your character the "real Endgame" begins. There are plenty activities for you to do:

  • Keep Upgrading your gear.
    • You still need to Upgrade your Soulreaver Set and Weapons. The Soulreaver Upgrading system is a whole new system and boosts your stats even higher. With each upgrade the costs are drastically increased.
    • Upgrade your Cards to Z/15%-Cards for maximum Damage
  • Participate in competitive content
    • Parties can get special rewards for clearing dungeons the fastest each week.
    • You could make yourself a PVP gear and start bashing other players
  • Get a new perspective: Start yourself a new character and gear it up. On Entropia each class is playable so why not make each class once?
  • Challenge other players or guilds to creative content