Element and Weapon Glowchange

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How to use the Element Change?


We have changed the element change system, you can change your element anywhere now!

To change your element you need first element +20 on your weapon / Armor, you will find Non-Element cards in the Shop from Peach (Flarine).

If you want to change your element you have to open the element change window via. Start > Features > Element Change or CTRL + E.

There we can now Set both elements for Weapon and Armor.
By clicking the reset button your element will be set to Non-Element again.

Note: You need to have 200 Entropia Chips in your inventory to change your element.

How to use the Old and New Glow?

We offer you the possibility to change your weapons glow to the Old or New version.

You have to buy a Scroll of Weapon Glow, these can be found at [Entropia Chip Merchant] Wafor.
To use them, double-click on them and apply them to your weapon.
A new use will change the Glow back to the Old or New Glow again.

Note: Not every weapon does support this function, there will be no Refund!

How do I get the Shining effect on my weapon?

With the Scroll of Shining you can change the Shining Effect on your weapon.
The Shining Effect works just like the Glowchange for the Weapons.

The Scroll of Shining is available in the Donate Shop and at [Entropia Chip Merchant] Wafor.