Diamond System

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Diamond System


The Diamond system has been completely redesigned.

You can obtain various diamonds from Boss Monsters!

The diamonds have different effects and rarity levels. The higher the level, the better the effect of the diamond!

Each diamond has their own price and strongly influence the Entropia Market!

Note: The level range of the diamonds is Level 1 to 13.

Infinity Diamonds (Level 13)


For the Infinity Diamond Upgrade you need the following diamonds (here for example PVE):

  • 7x Diamonds of PVE Level 9
  • 3x Diamonds of PVE Level 10
  • 2x Diamonds of PVE Level 11
  • 1x Diamonds of PVE Level 12

= 1x Infinity Diamond of PVE Level 13.

You can exchange them at [Infinity] Athene in Flaris near the Post Box or in front of the Heaven Dungeon.