Destruction Cavern

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Destruction Cavern Information

Normal mode

The Destruction Cavern is a Endgame Dungeon, you need a very good equipped Team of 6-8 People to complete it.

Next to the equipment requirements, there are patterns, which you will have to dodge.

  • What can I Drop?
    You can Drop Royal Weapon Loot Orbs, Royal Bead Stones, Royal Rerolls and more useful items
  • Do I need a tank?
  • Do I need a healer?
    Yes, it's not possible to use Suck Blood, because it's capped at 5%.
  • How much HP do I need?
    5.300.000 HP
  • Can I use Holys?
  • Can I use Remantis Lacotten?
    No. Only Golden Lacotten
  • How many Entries does Golem Temple have?
    Without Premium 1 / with Premium 2

Heroic mode

Currently no entry