Deep Temple

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“Down in the depths from beneath the portal a loud growl could be heard..."

Normal mode

  • What can I Drop?
    You can drop multiple materials needed for your Soulreaver Accessory
  • Do I need a tank?
  • Do I need a healer?
    Yes, except you use Suckblood and can heal yourself.
  • How much HP do I need?
    Tank: 3.000.000 HP / Others: 800.000 HP+ (All players should evade the AOE Skillshots)
  • Can I use Holys?
  • Can I use Remantis Lacotten?
    No. Only Golden Lacottes
  • How many Entries does Heaven of Madrigal have?
    Without Premium 1 / with Premium 2

Heroic mode

Currently no entry