Couple Level

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Couple System

The Couple System got a few changes for a better experience. While leveling the couple you gain character-binded rewards and increasing Couple Buffs!

Information: If you break up with your Couple you need to wait 7 Days for a new marriage!
You can remove the wait time with the "Scroll of Couple Time Reset" from the vote store.

Couple Buff

Buff Effect
Power of Love • 10% ATK
• 10% HP
Blessing of Love • All Stat +15
• 35% EXP
Miracle of Love • 5% Drop Rate

The table shows the effects on couple level 21


  • Couple Level 2 reward: 2x Online Event Arznei EXP +30%
  • Couple Level 3 reward: 1x Yellow Balloon (Leveling)
  • Couple Level 4 reward: 3x Heart of the Flames (HP Rate +10%)
  • Couple Level 5 reward: Purple Balloon (PvE)
  • Couple Level 6 reward: 3x Online Event Arznei HP Rate +5%
  • Couple Level 7 reward: No Reward
  • Couple Level 8 reward: 3x Madrigalische Arznei Speed-Bonus
  • Couple Level 9 reward: 3x Online Event Arznei PVE DMG.+ 5%
  • Couple Level 10 reward: 3x Madrigalische Arznei PVP-Damage
  • Couple Level 11 reward: 3x Online EXP Arznei MP +5%
  • Couple Level 12 reward: 3x Potion of the powerful Experience (EXP (P41~P50) +6%)
  • Couple Level 13 reward: 1x Summon Ball of Rangda
  • Couple Level 14 reward: 3x Mushroom of strengthening (Allstat +10 , HP Rate +10%)
  • Couple Level 15 reward: 5x Ultra Oricalkum (Weapons)
  • Couple Level 16 reward: 5x Ultra Oricalkum (Equipment)
  • Couple Level 17 reward: 3x Wings of strengthening (PVE DMG.+10%)
  • Couple Level 18 reward: 3x Guild XP Package (Large)
  • Couple Level 19 reward: 3x Online Event Arznei ATK +5%
  • Couple Level 20 reward: 5x Scroll of UProtect (Ultra)
  • Couple Level 21 reward: 1x Premium (1 Day)

Quality of Life

caption Scroll of Offline Couple (15 days)
Activates the Couple Buffs without the other character being active. This scroll only counts for the character that has this scroll active.
The scroll can be bought in the donate store.