Black Market

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The Black Market is located in the northern part of Saint Morning.

The Black Market locations are split in two parts to reduce some Frame problems caused by the huge amount of Players!

You can also get to it by teleporting (V).

There are 2 different types of black markets:
Server-side Black Market and Players-side Black Market!

The System is desinged to remove currency from the game and keep the community market alive!

Serverside Black Market


The Server Admin adds different items into the Black Market. Once he starts the Black Market, you have 5 minutes time to see the different items. After 5 minutes, you can start offering for different items. Some items require ECP - some others Perin. There are even some completely different items needed, as example Black Market Coupons (from the Vote Shop). Your offer has to be at least 10% higher, than the previous offer. As example, if an item if offered with 800 Perin, you have to offer at least 880 Perin to be the highest-bidding Player. After the time runs out, which is displayed on the right side of the Item. The highest-bidding Player gets the items in the inventory. Is someone bids a higher amount of Perin or ECP, you get the items instantly back to your inventory. If your inventory is full, it will be sent by post.

Playerside Black Market


Once the Server admin opens up the Player-side Black Market, you can insert your item, which you want to sell, just by drag-and-drop into the window. In the upcoming window, you can set the currency, which you want to have for the item and set a minimum amount. After you put in your item, any other Player can offer for that item - similarly to the Server-side Black Market. You also have to pay a small amount of Perin, so the item will put in the offers. Besides that, you have to bid at least 10% more than the previous highest-bidding Player. If your item isn't sold, you simply get it back to your inventory.