Beginner Guide

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Before you start..

Download & Register

Before you are able to play you need to download the latest client from the Download-Section of the Homepage. Depending on how many characters you want to play simultaniously you will need to create multiple accounts at the Register-Section of the Homepage. A Leecher is not needed on our Server, if you join a Level 40+ Party, you get all the effects of a leech.

Which class should I start with?

On Entropia the classes are well balanced and each class has its own benefits and withdraws.

You can find out more about the PvE balance here PvE_Balance.

Every class got their benefits, some are better for farming, some are better to tank etc., best way to start,
is to play what you want.

Level 1 to 175

Your first goal in Entropia will be to reach level 175.


To make the beginning of the game more pleasing use the Beginner Box in your inventory after creating your character.
You will be rewarded with Special Event Power-Ups, Platinum Scrolls, Food, a Collector +5, a Collecting Battery, a Beginner Glyph, a Beginner EXP Potion Recipe, Level-Down Item Scrolls and a limited Job Change Ring!
Also, at level 61, you will receive a job-specific event box, which will provide you with Donate Weapons and Donate Armor for your class, for seven days.

While progressing to higher levels you will receive more armor based on your level, basic accessory and more special Items.

Leveling Route 1 - 175:

  • 1 - 60: Flaris
  • 60 - 130: Saint Morning
  • 130 - 150: Garden of Rhisis
  • 150 - 175: Darkon 1

To maximize your EXP gain, join a Party via the Partyfinder (Shortcut: L).

What comes after level 175?

Platin Level


After hitting 175 with 99,99% use Platinum Scrolls to level up your Platinum rank.
There are 3 different kinds of Platinum Scrolls:

  • Scroll of Platinum Level-Up (1-40)
  • Scroll of Platinum Level-Up (41-50)
  • Scroll of Platinum Level-Up (51+)

Depending on your Platinum Level you will need the appropiate scroll.
You can find all Scrolls in Flaris near "[Arena Manager] Lay" or by using the "Start > Features > Platin Exchanger"-Menu.

Leveling Route (Platin 1-50)

  • P1 - P5: Tower B1 - B5
  • P6 - P14: Coral Island
  • P15 - P22: Azria
  • P23 - P28: Traseia
  • P29 - P34: Dark Traseia
  • P35 - P40: Entropia Forest
  • P41 - P45: Entropia Harbor
  • P46 - P50: Entropia Jungle

Platin Level Rewards

Platinlevel Entropia Chip Rewards (each level)
5-10 3 Entropia Chip Perin
10-25 5 Entropia Chip Perin
25-30 7 Entropia Chip Perin
30-45 10 Entropia Chip Perin
45-50 15 Entropia Chip Perin
51+ 20 Entropia Chip Perin
Platinlevel Special Rewards
20 • Entropia Platin Jewelry
• 1x 3 Days Premium
• 1x Box of Upgrade (Event)
30 • Bloodhunter Stat-Pet (+150 All-Stats)
• 1x Premium 3 Days
• 1x Box of Upgrade (Event)
40 • Shiny Entropia Platin Jewelry
• 1x Box of Upgrade (Event)
50 • Platinum Pet Giftbox (+250 Allstats)
• 1x Box of Upgrade (Event)
• 2x 3 Days Premium
• 1x Ring of Wonders (Job Change Item)
51+ • 2x Platin Reward Box (50+)
• 5x Platin Reward Box (50+) (every 10. level)

How to increase your ...


Item / Buff Price Bonus EXP Where to get
Premium (doubles all EXP) Medium x2 Donate/Vote Shop, seasonal Events
Scroll of Experience (Ultra) Cheap 50% (5x) Entropia Chip Shop
Madrigal medicine Medium 200% Treasure chest, friendly players
Donate Power Up (XP) Expensive 100% Entropia Chip Shop
Alchemy EXP Flasks Medium 100% Beginner Box Recipe
Alchemy EXP Flasks Medium 100% Alchemy NPC
Online XP Free 0-50% Stay online for 1 - 5 hours
Guild Buffs Free 5-30% XP Depending on guild level
Couple Buffs Free 35% Couple level 21 needed
Diamond Powder Medium 35% Diamond Powder NPC
Yellow Ballon Medium 25% Diamond Powder NPC
Stay Online Pots Medium 30% seasonal events, daily roulette
Kings Heart Cheap 25% Entropia King (World Boss)
Anarchy Buff Cheap 50%+10% Anarchy Buff + Applying Buff
P40 jewelry Medium 50% Reward from Platin 40
Glyph Expensive 45-55% Crystal Dungeon exchanger
Furniture Expensive 20% Kebaria exchanger


  • Buy NPC Furniture at the [Housing Specialist] Charlie in Flaris
  • Buy NPC Power-Ups at the [Cash Shop] Laura in Flaris
  • If you haven't done it already make a couple with your other Character to increase your damage and HP
  • Try to buy Shiny Entropia Setparts for your class from other players (use the ingame shout)
  • Once you got your Shiny Entropia Set upgrade it to +10 and put cards into it. You can buy (A)-Rank cards at [Jewel Manager] Peach
  • Apply basic awakes on your equipment

I farmed some Entropia Chip Perin, what now?

As soon as you got some Entropia Chip Perin (=ECP) you should buy the following items in flaris at the "[Entropia Chip Merchant] Wafor":

  • Vengeful Dragon Set
  • Glorious Dragon Cloak
  • Terminator Sunglasses (White) or Wing Mask

The Vengeful Dragon Set and the Glorious Dragon Cloak are needed for the Upgraded "Black"-Version of themselves. You can obtain the recipes in Eden.

If you've collected enough ECP you can buy yourself a Shiny Entropia Weapon at "[Weapon Trader] Charly".
This will be necessary for lateron upgrading the item to the Black Shiny Entropia Weapon via the Merge System.

After Platin 50

Congratulations on reaching Platin 50! From here on most of custom content really starts.
What should you be doing now?

  • Start doing Dungeons and get better Equipment
  • Join a Guild and start Guild Siege, Battleground or other Guild Activities
  • Start the Grind, farm Eden or Venux to get Items

There is so much more to do, try it out by yourself..

What is the best way to get into the game?

Step 1 (Leveling 1)

  • Grind to level 175, after you reched it, get some EXP Items. (Above is a List with the best EXP Items)

Step 2 (Leveling 2)

  • Now start leveling Platinum Levels (Leveling) and try to buy a Shiny Equipment for your class, you can get them at a playershop after you reached a bit of money
  • After you bought a Shiny Equipment, level to Platinum Level 40, with every Platinum Level you get 2+ Entropia Chip Perins
  • Get yourself a weapon of your choice after you reached 100 Entropia Chip Perins - (Chip-NPC Charly, North Flaris)

Step 3 (First Equipment Steps)

  • After you reached Platinum Level 40, get yourself a effected Fashion Set/Cloak and Mask (Vengeful Set/Glorious Dragon Cloak - (Chip-NPC Wafor, North Flaris or donateable)

Step 4 (First Upgrading)

  • Do some basic stuff at your equipment, like awakenings, element or piercings

Step 5 (Second Equipment Steps)

  • Farm a Black Fashion Set/Cloak in Eden (you get there by using V = Teleporter)

Step 6 (Eden and the first Dungeons)

  • Next to farming Eden it will be useful to farm low dungeons like Aminus, Cursed Aminus, Behemoth or Kalgas, they will be needed later, because you need them to upgrade your jewelry set, which you get at Platinum Level 40

Step 7 (Leveling 3)

  • Next step is to level to Platinum Level 50, unluss you didn't do it yet

Step 8 (Venux)

  • Get yourself a Holy Magical Key of Monsters and a Unicorn CS-Pet in Venux

Step 9 (First Jewelry Set + Fairy)

  • Upgrade your jewelry set, to the next step, Peach in Flaris sells Recipes, you will need your low dungeon drops for it
  • Get yourself a Fairy (Fairys)

Step 10 (Second Upgrading)

  • Upgrade your weapon and set, get S cards, it is very useful to put PvE Diamonds in your weapon

Step 11 (Ancient Equipment)

  • Now the grind will start, Ruboru sells a bunch of useful recipes, like a Ancient Glyph, Ancient Balloon or a Ancient Power-Up

Step 12 (Second Jewelry Set)

  • Upgrade your jewelry set again, the next step are aura jewelrys, you can farm them in Aurania

Step 13 (The Next BIG Step)

  • The next step is to get to the next gearstage, the Black Equipment, it is farmable in Kebaria and Aurania

Guide as a Advanced Player

The Next Part is the Black Equipment.

The Black Equipment is farmable in Kebaria and Aurania in the Magma_Cave and Aurania_Temple.

Step 1 (Dungeon Basics)

  • You need a Tank a Healer and a Damage Dealer for these Dungeons (you can use a Self_Sustain_Tank and skip the Healer)

Step 2 (create Black Equipment)

  • Get your equipment first, because you get a insane Damage Boost, the height of the stats does not matter that much (just get basic stats)
  • You don't drop finished items, you drop destroyed item parts, by merging them, you get the effect of the set (Merge_System)