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This guide is designed to help you to understand the Alchemy system better.

Can I create everything?

If you fulfill every requirement, you can make everything you want as long as you have the required level, items and recipe.

How do I get a recipe?

You need to search [Master of Alchemy] Ruboru in Flarine(near post office), there you can use the Alchemy system and buy recipes.
The recipes will not be cheap but definitely worth it!

There are some rare recipes which are obtainable in other ways.

How do I create the potion/item?


Creating the potion is easy, you buy one of the recipes from [Master of Alchemy] Ruboru and double-click on it.

Now a small "window" appears, where it says "read", there you press it and your recipe will be read.

Note: This can take about 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

After a short while, a list of ingredients (mostly quest items) will appear that you need to collect.

Now you have to find [Master of Alchemy] Ruboru and click on Alchemy or use Start > Features > Alchemy, there you have to insert your recipe and press start.

After a while it is finished and you have the item in your inventory!

How do I Level Up my Alchemy Level?

There are 3 ways to level your alchemy level. (Slow-Medium-Fast)

  1. you can farm quest items and create potions.
  2. you can use the Alchemy Battery to get Darkon 3 Quests Items and create potions.
  3. and you can do mass production of the Exp-Potions for Seeds.

The last Method is the fastest but not the cheapest!

How do I get the Alchemy Buff?


You get the Alchemy Buff at Alchemy level 25.

Alchemy Level 25 is not the highest Level, the last one is Alchemy Level 30.
You won't get extra buffs with Alchemy Level 30, the buffs will stay like your Alchemy Level 25.

Is there a List of the Recipes?

Yes, by following this Link you get to a list of every Recipe in the game.